Spring Cleaning: the Revenge!




Introduction: Spring Cleaning: the Revenge!

As a college student I understand as much as anyone how cleaning certain parts of your home can get pushed aside. With everything taking up your time durring the rest of the year it is important to clean those looked over places that are hidden to plain sight. Now, that there is time to breath, it is important to clean those trouble areas that go overlooked time after time. Certain places in your home can collect dust, grow mold, and cause foul odors. Without knowing these main places imperative to spring cleaning, your cleaning efforts may be in vein. 

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Step 1: Cleaning Materials

Gear Required:
Hot Water
Paper Towls
Shower Foam
Carpet Shampoo Machine (these can be rented at a local grocery store)
Note: all gear can be substituted for anything you have.

Step 2: Before You Start....

Most people undoubtably will think their house is perfecly fine and could go without some spring cleaning, here is the first way to motivate you to do some real spring cleaning.

TEST 1: Go to your toilet, open the tank, and look insinde. See the mold?  GROSSSSS!!!!!
TEST 2: Open the fridge, look inside, look for expired food items. See anything from when you first moved in? Yuck!!!!
TEST 3: Pull out the fridge, look at the floor, the radiator, and the catch pan for the condensation. Disgusting!!!!
TEST 4: Go to your bed, pull off the sheets, look at the matress. BARFFF!!!
TEST 5: Stick your head in the shower. Is there any soap scum? GAG!!

If you are a normal person with too much to do, you probably didn't pass most or any of these tests. There just isn't enough time to tackle these problems with everthing going on through out the year, that's why its important to take care of them during your spring cleaning.

Step 3: Attack the Bathroom!!!

Most people have clean toilet bowls but they overlook the tank. By skipping the tank, you increase the speed which gunk gathers on the bowl. So a cleaner tank means a cleaner bowl, for longer.

Because the tank is full of water, mold grows faster here than in any other place in the home. That's why it is important to get rid of it here before it spreads. This can be removed with a rag and some bleach. Try to get all tof the junk out of the bottom too.

Now we move to the shower!

Step 4: Shower!!

The shower is the one of those places that don't ever get cleaned enough. the best way to clean the shower is the old fashon shower foam method. Simply spray it on, wait, and wipe it off with a rag. It should come clean. One thing that could be done to reduce the frequency of cleaning is to use a squeegie after every shower use. This gets rid of the soap scum and water that can allow mold to grow. 

Step 5: Fridge Time!!!

Throw out all the food you have that is old, expired, or you can't remember when you bought it. Once you get down to the stuff you want to keep, take out the removable parts and clean them in the sink with bleach and hot water. Clean out the inside of the fridge with some fresh bleach water and wipe dry with some paper towels.

Now that the fridge is lighter, you should be able to move it away from the wall. Once you have enouph room to get behind there, wipe off the top of the refigerator, use a broom on the radiator, empty out the condensation catch pan, sweep the floor, mop, and move the fridge back in place.  

Step 6: Bed Time!!!

They say your bed doubles in weight every ten years. I assume that the only way a mattress could get that heavy is to never wash them. Luckily this isn't a hard job to tackle. You can use some soapy water, some bleach water, or a shampoo machine to clean your mattress. I used the shampoo machine because you can see how dirty the used water is after you are done. 

Step 7: Old Trash Can!!

After about a year of using a trashcan, the insides get pretty dirty and start to smell. And because its spring time, its time to clean it out!
To clean the trash bin, take the lid and rotate the door 90 degrees, and pull out the retaining "spurs". The door and the top pieces should now be apart. Run a sink of hot soapy water (a bucket will also do), and use a rag to remove the slime for all parts. Once all the parts are nice and clean put the top back to gather and reuse the trashcan.

Step 8: Thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to read this instructable, I hope it helps you this year with your spring cleaning by getting those most overlooked places.

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