Spring Onion Pakoda



-Spring onion pakoda are crispy outside and soft inside.

-These are made with spring onions mixed with chickpea flour blended with spices and are gluten free .


-one cup finely chopped spring onions

-Half cup chick pea flour

-one and half tbsp rice flour

-Few cumin seeds

-Tsp red chilli powder

-salt as per taste

-cooking oil

Step 1: Keep All Ingredients Ready

-Finely chop spring onions and also take all spices, chick pea flour,rice flour and keep ready

Step 2: Add All Ingredients in Bowl

-Take a cup of finely chopped spring onions in bowl and add half cup of chick pea flour and one nad half tbsp rice flour to it.

Step 3: Add Spices

-Add tsp red chilli powder and salt as per taste .Add chilli powder according to your spiceness.

Step 4: Add Cumin and Mix Everything

-Next add few cumin seeds and mix all spices with flour and spring onions

Step 5: Add Water and Make Thick Dough

-Next add water little by little and make thick dough.Dough should be thick and not watery

Step 6: Frying

-Now take small portions of dough from dough and fry in oil until they turn golden brown color

Step 7: Enjoy Crispy Pakodas With Sauce

Enjoy crispy pakodas with tomato sauce



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