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Introduction: Get a Grip

With a new golf season right around the corner it is important to start the season anew with fresh clubs. A fresh set of clubs does not imply that a new set is necessary but rather a cleaned up and new look to the set that is probably still mud stained from last year’s hacks and heroics. By simply cleaning up the equipment that is already owned, players can save hundreds of dollars and still achieve the new equipment feel.

To prepare for the new season, there are three steps that can make your current equipment feel like new: a new set of grips, a clean set of clubs, and a fully stocked golf bag. Each of these three will be touched on in this piece to provide you, the golfer, with the feel of a fresh start for the new season.

Items needed:

· 14 New Grips – or however many clubs you wish to re-grip. Remember, putters have a different shape grip so make sure to buy a special one to make your putter happy.

· Grip Tape –This can be found at any specialty golf store.

· Lighter Fluid – Other lubricants can be used but lighter fluid is usually the substance that is easiest to find and most useful besides the once-a-year re-gripping.

· Box Cutter

· Towel

Step 1: Use the Box Cutter to Cut the Grip by Pulling the Blade Away From Your Body.

- Caution: Be careful when using the box cutter as it can cause lacerations.

- Do not press too hard, this could cut the shaft.

- Multiple runs with the blade may be necessary to ensure that the rubber was cut all the way through.

Step 2: Begin Pealing Back the Grip. This May Require Running the Blade Through the Rubber Again As It Is Much More Difficult to Rip the Rubber Than to Simply Make Another Cut.

- Caution: Because of the elasticity of the rubber grip, it is not uncommon to have a hand slip and accidently hit a surrounding object.

Step 3: Once the Old Grip Is Off, Apply a New Strip of Tape on the Shaft and Make Sure It Is Pressed on Well Before Removing the Paper.

- If this is not the first time re-gripping a certain club, removing the old tape may be necessary as multiple tape layers can actually expand the grip and make it thicker than the other grips.

- Similarly, if a thicker feeling grip is desired then multiple tape layers (usually no more than two) can be applied.

Step 4: While Covering the Small Hole at the End of the New Grip, Add Roughly a Teaspoon of Lighter Fluid Into the Grip. Then, Plug the Other End of the Grip and Shake.

- Caution: Do not perform this step around an open flame, sparks, or other potentially hot or flammable objects.

Step 5: Pour the Access Lighter Fluid From the Grip Onto the Taped Portion of the Shaft and Rub the Fluid on the Tape So That It Is Lubricated.

- It is not encouraged to perform this step indoors. However, if an indoor environment is the only option then make sure to lay down a towel and clean up properly once finished.

- Optional: If it is deemed necessary, extra lighter fluid can be applied to the tape. This may be a good idea for first timers because it allows for more time and easier application.

Step 6: Pinch the End of the Grip With the Large Hole and Fit the Grip Over the Edge of the Shaft.

Step 7: Push Grip Into Position.

- Try not to pull the grip. This could stretch the grip and lead to an uneven grip thickness.

Step 8: Align Grip Using the Notches on the Grip.

- This step is subject to the liking of the player and should be adjusted appropriately.

Step 9: Clean Any Adhesive Off of the Shaft and Let Clubs Sit for at Least 24 Hours.

- Caution: Flying clubs may result from swinging re-gripped clubs before the adhesive has dried.

Following the ninth step, the re-grip process is complete and can be repeated for the remaining clubs. Once all grips are complete, the next essential step in preparing for the new golf season is to thoroughly clean of the all clubs in the bag.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, this is a great guide too! I've never put new grips on my clubs and had no idea how it was done. The lighter fluid trick is excellent. Thanks!