Springfield Armory XD .45 ACP (Preview of RMP Included)

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Hey guys. These two pistols are my most recent creations. The former is the SA (Springfield Armory, not semi-auto) XD (no, the XD has no association with the smiley face emoticon) .45 ACP. The latter is the RMP (Red's Mini-Pistol) the I created to use is close quarters "assassination" attempts. =D

A while back, I asked my father (who owns a few firearms) if I could take one of his guns and model it with K'NEX. He accented, but told me to wait for a more favorable time. Yesterday was that day, and so I took his SA (in this case it means Semi-Auto) SA XD .45 ACP pistol and modeled it (minus the trigger guard, and I have reasons for this). Lets move to pros and cons of each gun, shall we?

SA XD .45 ACP:

Quite comfy
Sights line up perfectly
Good model
Extended Mag looks great
Might get 50 ft. in range
Looks epic
True trigger

No trigger guard
Handle is not curved right

Red's Mini-Pistol (RMP):

Powerful at closer ranges
Sights are EPIC
Tan/red rod FP
True trigger

Handle is at a weird angle
Bullets sometimes go wide

So there you have it. I would really like to hear some of your comment. =D

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    3 years ago

    these are so cool! your guns always look so accurate to the real version when they are modeled after real ones! ; )

    How so? I love it, apart from the bad pullback. I'm going to attempt at building my own sidearm, can I take this as a base? I'll try to add a trigger which blocks behind the magazine. Please answer quickly, I want to start

    Well, you are more of an innovator, and this gun is not that innovative, so I was not sure how you would react. Which one are you gonna use as a base, the Springfield Armory XD .45 ACP or the RMP? You have my permission which ever it is, and don't bother to give me credit.

    The Springfield. I'm not an innovator lol, I love pin guns so thats basically all I make. I wish I had a better wifi so I could upload the literally dozens of guns I made the last 3 years

    dr. richtofenKnex.X

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    (maybe you could start the upload of the photos, leave the page open, then do whatever you want while they're loading up)

    dr. richtofenKnex.X

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Okay (misschien zijn de foto's ook gewoon erg groot of zo, dan kun je ze eventueel verkleinen)