Springfield XD Range Case

Introduction: Springfield XD Range Case

Turn a no foam pelican 1150 case into a range/storage case for your 4 " Springfield XD 9mm.

Step 1: Gather Materials.

So first you need to gather your materials. You are going to need your Springfield XD, magazines, the Pelican case, paper, a pen, silver sharpie marker, 2mm EVA foam sheet(×1), 6 mm EVA foam sheet(×12), an x-acto knife, spray adhesive,ribbion, cutting mat, ruler/straight edge, newspapers, weight (books).

The EVA foam was purchesed at Michaels for a dollar a sheet, and i only needed 6 sheets of the 6 mm foam as they could be cut in half to fit.

Step 2: Prepare Your Area.

After gathering all your materials, you're going to lay out newspapers and your cutting mat and grab the pen and paper.

Step 3: Cut Down Your Foam, and Trace Your Patterns.

All but one foam piece is cut down to 8.25"x 5.75". One 6 mm foam piece is cut to 8.25"x4". I cut my paper down to the same size. Then lay out your magizine in an alternating pattern and trace. I found 5 fit nicely as there is enough room between each one to easily pull them out. When tracing the pistol there was about an 1/8" between the top if the slide, snd the bottom of the magazine. My sights were barely on the page , maybe like 1/16" .

Step 4: Cut and Trace Your Patterns on the Foam, and Cut Them Out.

Start by cutting your patterns out of the papers, and laying them on the 6 mm foam. Trace your patterns on to the foam using the silver sharpie. The magazine portion took 3× 6 mm foam cut outs, and the pistol took 4× 6mm cut outs. Next use the X-acto knife to cut the foam. You need to keep slight pressure on the foam, when cutting it it can pull under the knife.

Step 5: Trimming.

Once you have cut out all of your foam, you want to clean everything up to make sure it has a nice clean edge. I also removed the top then stripped from the slide portion and the bottom part near the magazine well from the pistol cutouts. They were to thin to glue properly, and impedes with the removal of the pistol from the foam.

Step 6: Gluing.

Starting with the magazine portion spray the underside of the foam layer and stack making sure to line everything up. Once the magazine cut outs are assembled spray the bottom and attach to the 2mm foam sheet. Squeeze everything together and wipe off the excess glue. Then use a stack of books to apply pressure and let it sit for about an hour or so depending on your glue. Once that's together and dried, try the magizines make sure they all fit. Then place the foam piece that was cut to 4" and it should fit between the magizines. Trim if necessary. Add an uncut 6mm foam on top, line everything up and flip over. Take the magazine tray off and trace lines of the 4" piece. Take your ribbion, lay it out between the lines you traced and make some handles. Next spray the 4" piece lay your ribbion handles, and line it up your lines and add pressure and let sit. Now glue the portions that hold the pistol in place. Once both portions are glued together, I used portions of the cut out to make a even surface underneath to apply pressure evenly when adding the pistol holding portions. I glued the two segments separate from the lift tray sheet first, then lined up the corners then glued them to the lift tray. Finally glue 3 sheets uncut sheets together to fit in the lid.

Step 7: The Finish

Once all the glue is set and everything is dry you want to put it all together make sure everything fits nicely. Clean up any rough edges anything that seems to stick and clean up all the excess mess from cutting everything out. And your case is done. I let my inserts sit out for about a day to get rid of the last o f the fumes.

It cost me about 15 dollars for all the materials, and I was able to get the Pelican case for 5 dollars at work, but they can be found for 10-20 dollars without the foam online. I don't like their pick out foam. it's to soft and run the entire depth of the case.

Thanks for reading my instructable. This is my first one. Your comments are greatly appreciated, and enjoy.

I also entered this into the "protected contest" so If you liked it please vote. Thanks again.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    AWESOME work! My Walthers P99 is much like the XDM. I picked up one of those Sentry key lockable cases at Lowes during the holidays for a mere $20. I wanted to do the foam thing as well. When traveling from place to place or across many state lines, having a firearm locked up in a van or truck is law when not attended. So, this is a 5-star write up in my book. Did you camo the box afterwards?