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Hi, everyone I made this sprinkler so that I don't have to stand for hours and water the plants. It also saves a lot of water and it can be made in just a few hours.

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Step 1: Step 1: Gather All the Materials

The list of equipment is for a 6 m long sprinkler.

1) 6 meters long PVC pipe 3/4" ( I used 6 m long pipe you can cut the pipe to your desired length.)

2) 3 PVC T joints with 3/4" .

3) 3 PVC T joints with 1".

4) 1" PVC cap 7 of them.

5) 6 mist sprinklers.

6) Drilling machine and a 2 mm drill bit.

7) A saw to cut pipe.

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble the Materials

Follow the steps to get your sprinkler ready. (All the instruction are for a 6 m long sprinkler.)

Step 1: Cut the PVC at 3 m. (Now you will have two 3 m pipes, one with the pipe opening and the other with the pipe ending.) (See the figure.)

Step 2: Take the pipe with the pipe opening and from the pipe opening side measure one foot and cut the pipe. Take the other pipe with the pipe end and from the pipe end measure one foot and cut the pipe. (See the figure.)

Step 3: Join all the cut segment with PVC T joint of 1".

Step 4: Join the 3/4" PVC T joint to 1" PVC T. The T bases should be perpendicular. (you can also add some pipe in between to increase the height and the base length.See the image.)

Step 5: Cap all the 3/4 " PVC T joint and the 6 m long PVC pipe too.(you can also add some pipe to the base to increase the surface area for better balance.)

Step 6: Drill 2 mm holes at approx 1 m apart (see the figure).

Step 7: Screw the mist sprinklers in the holes.

Step 3: Step 3: Behold the Mist Sprinkler.

Connect a hose pipe to the opening of the PVC pipe and place a cloth piece in between. The holes in the mist-sprinkler are very tinny so I use a cloth piece to prevent dust from clogging the holes. (The pressure should be at least about 2 N so that the sprinklers spray about 1/2 m far. This pressure can be easily obtained if one has an overhead tank at a height of 5 m = a three floors building.)

You can also hang the sprinkler upside down to get a rainy effect. That looks beautiful because it creates a rainbow.

The video is not great but once you have made it you will be very happy. You can hear the power at which the water is coming out, so the mist-sprinkler will surely water well.

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    hakuna matata
    hakuna matata

    5 years ago

    This is nice n simple I want to know we're I can get those mist sprinklers please let me know