Sprite and Gummy Pops

Introduction: Sprite and Gummy Pops

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I havent posted in a while but im back! My friends told me that this popsicle is good so i decided to try it myself, and i think the results are spectacular :)

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Step 1: Get the Ingredients

First off you need

* popsicle molds (I got my trusty Mickey Mose molds :P)

*1 Liter ounce Sprite bottle (I used 20 fld ounce bottle)

* pack of bright fruity gummy bears

now you got all the ingredients :)

Step 2: Get Started

Open your bag of gummy bear and put an appropriate amount and place them into each mold.

Next pour some Sprite into each container until its all full.

Step 3: Freeze It

Put the top on the molds and put the pops in the freezer.

Step 4: Extras

  • If you're like me I'm sure you saved some gummy bears for you to eat... well i came across this instructable that'll keep you busy while your waiting for your pops to freeze. So finish drinking your Sprite and click over to that instructable in the meanwhile:
  • https://www.instructables.com/id/Gummi-Bear-Surgery...

Step 5: Checking It (optional)

I dont know if you guys do this but I like to watch water change to ice, it just looks so magical! :D So this step is completely optional, but if you want you can open it up and check on it every few 6 hrs or so..

it should look li9ke this when it's done

Step 6: Eating It!

Once it's completely frozen take it out and look at its awesomeness!!!!! or of course eat it :P

but as you can see it has alot of beautiful colors and when you bite into the gummy bear a whole bunch of fruit flavors bounce back at you. You can still faintly taste some of the Sprite and that really adds to the whole effect of the popsicle.

This popsicle was really easy to make and summer is finally here so if you want you can enjoy this on a nice hot day (but i live in San Francisco and right now we're expirencing some cold windy days).

I hope you guys try this delicious treat and show me a pic if you did, or if you have your own version! If you havent already check out my older instructables, many more on the way! Laters

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