Sprittinas Floral Stick

This is just a part of the costume I am working on.

Step 1: Material

- wooden sticks

- fake tendril

- iceland moss

- green hot glue sticks

- fake big flower

- green fabric

- beads

Step 2: Making the Petals

sew the fabric left on left so we have the green outside. Use a zig zag stitch.

Do have a sewing pattern that last longer than paper use a plastic file sheet for it.

attach the beads to the leaf. I used nylon thread.

Step 3: Bring It All Together

1. wrap the tendrill around the wooden sticks till it looks natural. Fix it with green hotglue.

2. attach the iceland moss with green hot glue.

3. attach the big Flower with hotglue

4. attach the small petals also with hotglue



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    2 years ago


    ps:the flower looks like the ones from Jumanjiiiiiii