Sprocket Pocket


Introduction: Sprocket Pocket

What do you do with old iPads? You've got them all over the house, caught in the couch cushions or propping open doors. Sprocket Pocket is the answer! With a little bit of sewing and ironing you can turn those old iPads into important safety and entertainment accessories for your bike riding pleasure!

Step 1: First You'll Need Some Materials and Tools!

6 sq ft of Heavy duty fabric

1 sq ft of Clear vinyl

2 sq ft of Iron-on adhesive

12 inches of Zipper

1 Shirt or jacket from goodwill

1 Spool of thread

1 Roll of masking tape

Some card stock

1 Sewing machines

1 Pair of scissors

1 White pencil

1 Iron and ironing board

Some old iPads

1 Bicycle built for two

A little patience

Step 2: Watch This Video!

Step 3: Get Out and Ride!

What could you do with old tech?



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