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When the end of summer strikes I head out to the wilds.  In search of bits and pieces to do my "Ferniture" art projects.   This is the best time of year as the fireweed is blooming and the plants are at their prime.   This is a great project to brighten up your old worn out items.  It also reminds you each and every day that summer will come again (important when you live in Alaska :-)      So............. enough rambling,  onward we go!     
This will give you a picture view of how to remake items with a little spray paint and a bit of inspiration from the great outdoors!   

It will make you a great weekend project!

Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Old Ugly Garbage Can Extraordinaire!

Take your garbage can and give it a good bath! 

Make sure it is absolutely dry!

Run a light sander over it so the paint will adhere to it easier! 

(Dont forget to brush the sanding "dust" off when you are done!

P. S   Please excuse the manic grin :-)  must have been one of THOSE days!

Step 2: Add Some Color!

Select two different colored spray paints that complement each other.

Spray different sections of the can with the two different colors.

Let dry before moving on to the next step.   

Step 3: Find Your Ferns and Flowers!

Head out into the woods!

Pick a couple of nice flowers or ferns.  Dont over do it, you dont need many!  Make sure to just take a leaf from each plant so you dont kill them off.  (Yes I am a tree hugger :-)  Even better,  use plastic flowers (especially if you do this project with a large number of folks).  They dont work as well,  but you save some plants :-)    And they are great to use in the winter!

Bring them back and place them on a flat surface.   If you are a patient person you can lay newspaper over them and flatten them down by putting something heavy on them for a little while.  If you are not a patient person (me :-)   you can just forge ahead.   After you do a couple of projects you will see the differences that this can make.   Not necessarily positive or negative,  just tends to give more of a direct outline around things.  I personally like the melding of colors that is accomplished without things being flattened.    

Step 4: Put in Place, Be Creative!

                                        Arrange the foliage of your choice in position on your surface (side of garbage can).   

Pick another color spray paint and spray around the foliage from about 10 inches away.   Not close enough that the sray blows the leaves around.     When you have covered everything a little bit let it dry.      Come back later and add some more foliage (right on top of and overlapping the first).  Use another color (could be one of the first colors you used if you want.        If you are daring and careful you can take the leaves off while things are still wet.    If you are patient you can wait until things are a little dry.     This is your choice to make.  

Paint wet pro - it comes off easily without foliage being "painted to the surface".   Con - it sometimes smears if you are not careful.

Paint dry pro - You dont have to worry about smearing.  Con - You sometimes get leaf parts imbedded in your dry paint. 

                                             I tend to usually pull it off while still wet :-)   Cant wait to see it!


                                                                                                  Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

                                         Let it dry well and put a coating of outdoor polyurethane (clear) when you are done.   


Step 6: Other Ideas and Examples

                                                                                              More ideas to try!

Step 7: Inspirations and "Store Bought Items" I Got Ideas From.

Yes,  its true,  I have always had a "thing" for nature.   I bring green into my life in any way that I can!   These are some of the items that gave me ideas for doing my "ferniture".   

This technique works GREAT on a lot of different surfaces.  I have used it on fabric, floors, cupboards, garbage cans, birdhouses, picnic tables and MORE!  




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    Neat idea, I just might try it with some Fall leaves, I like your title it's pun-e.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a pretty way to make ordinary things beautiful! TFS

    nic nak

    5 years ago

    This is very pretty x


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very pretty! Love that and will try it for sure. Thanks for posting!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You're just too cool. Thanks for sharing!


    5 years ago

    Very clever title! I love it...And great project too!!!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank You. Its my first instructable, so I appreciate that. It was fun.