Spud Gun That Can Shoot Bb's Too





Introduction: Spud Gun That Can Shoot Bb's Too

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Have you ever wanted to have a bb gun but your not allowed? then this is the perfect answer. Always take care when using this because it is very powerful and can put dents in walls SO DO NOT SHOOT IT AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS AS IT COULD CAUSE SERIOUS HARM. I am not responsible for any damage caused by this so take care.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

- An 8mm wide and 20cm long approx metal pipe/straw

- An empty pill bottle

- A firelighter with a trigger

- A drill

- A hot-glue gun

- Side cutters or long nosed pliers

Step 2: Drilling the Holes and Gluing It Together

Get the drill and fit an end that fits your metal pipe perfectly then drill a hole in the lid of the pill container. Then do the same on the bottom for your firelighter ( you may need to change the drill bit). Once you have done this then glue them inside the holes and make sure you seal off any gaps. Get your side cutters or long nosed pliers and partly squash the metal tube to prevent the bb from falling into the pill container.

Step 3:

Get some deodorant and spray it into the pill container for 1 second then blow into it for another second, load a bb into the barrel, screw the lid on and fire! (I used Lynx and that worked really well but the Nivea I wouldn't recommend)



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    Very cool idea. It probably qualifies as an illegal firearm, and you may be hearing from the feds soon, but I like it. We used to make tennis ball cannons out of steel coke cans and use lighter fluid for the propellant (as a kid 40 years ago). I am certain that my hearing suffers today from shooting that thing off, but it was worth it ! Your idea might benefit from a few wraps of duct tape around the pill bottle to prevent it from exploding in your hand.

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    When I was young I stuffed self-made black power in a bicycle air pump. That gave a nice rocket. Doing that with a CO2 cartridge gave a nice WHAM!

    For sure this was illegal (I'm from Germany), but today it's even almost impossible to make black powder (except you like to have the a SWAT in your garden).

    you must be from america where they're strict because the police dont turn up to stuff like this in New Zealand

    do you chop off some of the firelighter or not.

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    nope just make sure the spark in the end is inside the bottle