Spur Gear Glass Cored Pendant




Introduction: Spur Gear Glass Cored Pendant

I've always wanted to contribute to instructables.com. everytime I made something, i just could'nt take photos of the project in it's developing stage. I'm also lazy enough not to recreate them. this project was specifically done for the instructables.com.

please do comment and share your views about the presentaton. help me improve. i'll be sharing more projects and diy's in future.

Step 1: Acquire Spur Gears.

get some spur geas. maybe frome a motorbike repair shop. i got 'em from a local mechanic for 30INR (about $0.5).

clean 'em!!!

I cleaned them using WD-40. you may choose any solvent.

Step 2: Make 'em WEARABLE!

bike gears mostly have some projections and extra materials on them.

machine them on a lathe or a surface grinder. i turned them on a lathe.

WARNING!gears are super hard. use suitable tool!!

Step 3: Something to Hang on to !!!

tried to drill a hole on the gear but failed. gears are super hard!!

used some copper wires to form a hook.. the outcome was interesting!!

gave a thought to melt some glass in the centre...

the flame was so intense, the copper came off insted..!!:(

i put a steel ring and melted some glass in the void...

Step 4: Patience!!

this step was completely missing during the creation of the pendant...

do wait for the molten glass to cool...

do not open a compressor's drain valve on it...

the glass might crack...

Glass chips were melted using industrial oxy-fuel cutting torch.

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