Spy Cam Car With Recording




Please note there are no actual pictures yet due to the fact that im still waiting for some parts

I will post some as soon as i am able to

Have you ever wanted to sneak up and spy on someone, well i have and so i made something to help me. I made an awesome spy cam with recording that can also be placed on an r/c car.

  • I have the entire thing with interchangeable parts so you can change the functionality by just replacing and plugging in a new piece
  • you canattach it to a car or just have it sit somewhere
  • I plan to mount it on servos to add pan and tilt

Step 1: Gather Parts

Some parts are not necessary for certain applications.


  • wireless camera (link)
  • Screen (link) this one actually comes with a backup camera, useful for other projects

Also you can use a case to mount/store everything in

Step 2: Connections


  1. either plug into adapter, or attach to a 9 volt battery


  1. attach given rca cables from the receiver either directly to the screen or to the dvr input and out the output into the screen
  2. plug all devices into the wall or to other 12v power source

Step 3: Optional R/c Servos

  1. Plug a battery into the receiver (i use a battery holder with regular batteries)
  2. Plug servos into the receiver
  3. Attach camera to servos as shown

Step 4: Car Mount

You can mount it on a RC car to sneak up and spy.

Step 5: Enjoy Spying Away!!!

Pls enjoy, and use wisely.

Pls vote for me!!!



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    turtle keeper

    3 years ago on Step 5

    Great instructables... But please use your own pictures.