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Introduction: Spy Mouse Cam

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i made this so i can watch and take pictures of things near a computer without people knowing



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    Clever. Now if you took a thin piece of smokey (transparent black) plexiglass and thermo-formed an inconspicuous looking window, it probably never be noticed.

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    yea but no one ever looks at the mouse anyways, its kind of like that so-commonly-used-thing that no one pays any attention to it...

    Maybe, just maybe the opening on the bottom of the mouse could be used as the aperature for the camera. A small thin mirror could help bounce the image farther back into the hollow space of the mouse where there is room for the camera.

    Can you make an video instructable, coz i got a vga camera(only camera and chord), and want to put it into good use

    But unless you have it unnaturally propped up on something, you're taking pictures of the ceiling (or up someone's nose).

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