Spy Shooter Pen That Fires 50 Meters for Under $0.10 in 3 Steps With 3 Items OMG

Introduction: Spy Shooter Pen That Fires 50 Meters for Under $0.10 in 3 Steps With 3 Items OMG

 Ever wanted a mini rocket diguised as a pen. Also its even better and by far cheaper then a pellet gun. For under $0.10 you will make this awesome weapon. This is very dangerous. Do not shoot at someone. If you do I am not responsible for any injuries

~A pen that can have top and bottom removed easily and can be reasembled FOR  version 2.0 
~Or a simple pen that can br thrown into a bin if wasted FOR version 1.5
~Thick elastic band
~ Ink cartages from a pen
Can be wasted.

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Step 1:

 Disasemble your pen. Or saw off the front & the back if you dont want it to be disguised, as shown in step 3. Take out guts eg Springs etc, keep the tube and the ink cartage. Also keep the back and the front of the pen. The ink cartage shold be able to fall through the tube with ease. 

Step 2:

 Wrap your elastic band as shown in picture, around the pen. Then insert the ink cartage through the tube. Then pull back the elastic band along with the ink cartage. Then fire.

Step 3:

 To diguise the pen simply put the and bottom back on. Its simple as that.

Fire straight up into the air it goes so high you can't see it...... OMG

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