Spy V Spy Costume

Introduction: Spy V Spy Costume

This simple costume is made from 3 sheets of poster paper. The total time took about 2 hours to make.

Step 1: Materials

For the poster board, the bigger the better in my opinion. You can always cut it down to size. I used 22" x 28".

2 boards of black poster paper (for the hat). Approx. $1.00 each.

1 board of white poster paper (for the hat.) Approx $1.00 each.

glue of some sort. (I've done this build twice, hot glue works, but I prefer super glue. Spray adhesives work too, but take a couple minutes to dry. If you use super glue wear gloves (nitrile recommended).

Step 2: Make the Face

Take the white poster board and roll it into a cone by grabbing the bottom corners and slide them across each other at an angle. Using the glue, glue the edges of the cone so that it stays in the cone shape.

Once the glue dries, cut the cone edge flush. I find it best to cut into the cone a bit which will allow the face to point down while being more comfortable. The notch should be cut on the side opposite of where the eyes will be cut.

Step 3: Cut Out Eyes

Using the edge of the black poster board, cut two ovals (or other eye shapes).

Adhere the eyes to the white poster board cone made in the earlier steps. Using scissors or a knife, cut holes in the eyes so you can see.

Step 4: Make the Hat

Hat Brim:

Cut a large circle in the black paper. Cut a circle approximately the size of your head. Keep the center, it will be used for the top of the hat. For the best fit, cut it slightly smaller than your head. Then put your head in the hole. If it doesn't fit like a hat, cut the hole a little larger and repeat sizing process.

Hat Body:

Using the second black poster board, cut a rectangle, approx 10" wide and long enough to fit in the circle (~4" more than the circumference of your head works best). Roll the rectangle sheet into a cylinder. Make the top slightly thinner than the bottom. Now slide that cylinder into the hat brim until about 1" of it remains. Using scissors, cut slots into the rectangle. Bend the edges up and glue them to the body of the hat.

Hat Top:

Create the top of the hat using a similar method. Cut ~1 inch down from the top. Bend the tabs towards the center of the hat. Glue the extra piece from the hat brim to the top of the folded tabs.

Step 5: Details and Finishing Touches

Using any remaining pieces from the first step (or any other white paper) cut a long 1" wide rectangle. Glue the piece to the top hat to create the highlight.

For a better looking face, I use a white T-shirt and glue the shirt collar to the face cone. I use the T-shirt to keep the cone on my face by sliding it over my head and tying the sleeves together around the back of my head. If the eye holes are too small, cut them larger.

I finish the costume with a black hoodie and black shorts. I've done the white spy as well and finished it with a white hoodie, and white pajamas (shorts and long johns work too).

Happy Halloween.

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    4 Discussions

    Oh I love this, so simple and yet iconic! You'll have to do another instructable if you decide to make any of their props! Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It's funny you mention that, I've made a TNT stick prop from construction paper when I made the white spy last year. I'll dig up the pictures and include some quick details in an edit.


    5 years ago

    Nice costume! Thanks for sharing!