Spyran's Balista Modded

This is a mod I Made to ---> https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-crossbow,-new-bow-system/ <--- Spyran's balista.

In this mod i made the limb tension system a lot simpler, added a trigger and changed the foregrip, turning it into a mobile crossbow.

The first picture is just a profile view of the whole. 

Pic 2: A close-up view of the trigger
Pic 3: The bow loaded, showing how the trigger works.
Pic 4: The tension band to keep the trigger from folding forward and firing on its own.
Pic 5: Trigger tension band again and part of the grip.
Pic 6: Front of the grip.
Pic 7: Front of the bow, showing the hooks used to tension the limps.
Pic 8: Top view of limb tension bands.

And that's my mod. All credit for the original goes to Spyran.

Added a trigger
Quite acurate(Thank Spyran for that.)
Can remove limb tension bands for compact storage.

Doesn't like to be dryfired.
Slow to load.



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