Spyro Face Paint




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I had so much fun with this look! tell me what you think? and subscribe at youtube.com/msmaomaoz


Step 1: Crazy Idea

I went ahead and used a white eyeliner (as always) to map out my look, it's very messy because I was just winging it.

Step 2: First Section

I started with one section of the face first, the top, and filled it in with a light purple from wolfe effects.

Step 3: Details

I used dark purple and white to add details.

I added scales, eyebrows, ect.

Step 4: Next Section

I then filled in the bottom section with that light purple, and i used dark purple and white to add detail to that.

Nostrils, highlights, ect.

Step 5: Black

I started filling in around my face with black, but I realized I need my chin for part of the look so I took a makeup remover wipe and took it off.

Step 6: Random Details

I used a yellow to add some horns, then I used white to fill in the eyes.


I used black to outline most of my work, then I used that black to fill in the pupils, after that I used a little purple to go around the pupils.

Step 8: Black

I finally filled in the rest of the black around my face.

Step 9: Body

I used yellow to fill in my chin and down my chest, and then I went around that with purple, and then the rest with black.

Step 10: Body Details

I used dark purple to add scales, then brown to add strips, after that I took some orange eye shadow to go randomly around the yellow. DONE!



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    2 years ago

    I always look forward to seeing your amazing makeup tutorials! Keep up the great work!

    1 reply