Square Foot Gardening

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want to supply your family with delicious fresh vegetables?

then you've come to the right place.

I have always loved fresh vegetables I hope you will love them to!


16ft(4.8m) 1x4inch pine

8 wood screws 2inch

30ft (9m) twine

12 1" nails



Step 1: Building

Cut your planks into 4ft lengths.

Attach them at the corners to form a square.

Place your square in the right position.

Fill up with soil.

Nail in the nail on the edge every 1ft, then place the string around the nails thus forming 16 squares.

Step 2: Planting

follow these guides to plant up your garden. each number represents the number of seeds per square.

Step 3: Conclusion

If you want more just build them and eat.

Thank you for reading this instructable.

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