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While I was working on my variousprojectsfor theSugru contest, my daughter said she had some ideas and wanted to help out, and maybe make an instructable about it. So we did the reverse of the usual process, this time she built something and I took pictures! I tried to set up an account for her, but apparently you have to be 13 and she doesn't quite qualify, but that's okay. For the rest of this instructable, I turn it over to India!

India says:

I think that this idea is fun and easy, and is great for kids. Maybe not for kids so young they might eat it, but it's still a great project for kids. It makes a nice Christmas ornament, as you can see in the picture below. It's also great for adults that are bored and have some leftover sugru.

While I was sitting with my dad, I was playing around with the Sugru and then I thought of a square snowman. I'm in middle school, and I'm reading a book called Strays Like Us and in the book we were at the point where it was Christmas time. Christmas reminds me of snow which reminds me of building snowmen, and then I thought of squares, and that's how I got the idea!

Step 1: Various Things You'll Need

For this project, you need orange and green sugru.  You also will need a creative brain and the ability to make little squares with your fingers.  Also, you'll need a clean space to work, and that's all you need!

Step 2: Cubey Bits

Open your orange sugru and start making a little square.  Then open the green sugru, and start making a slightly smaller square.  Then go back to the orange sugru and make an even smaller square.

Build it up like a little tower, start with the biggest and go to the smallest, and that's pretty much it for the cubey bits!

Step 3: The Details

These are the details:

Well really, you can add any details you want, but I think these are pretty nice ones.  For instance, you could add arms or a sled or something like that, but back to my details.

As you can see, I have a scarf, earmuffs, and a big nose.  And huge eyes!  The earmuffs are also used to hang it on the tree. 

The reason I built the base was because I had extra sugru, and I like making swirly things.  So I put the snowman on the swirly base and then let it cure.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

Thanks for checking it out everybody!  I hope that you comment back and tell me what you think!

If you have any kids, let me know what they thought of it too!

Thanks for listening, and vote for me in the sugru contest!


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