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Introduction: Square Knot Bracelet Instructions

The following square knot bracelet instructions will teach you how to make the so called square knot bracelet. The bracelet is popular because of its unique look, which is in fact one of my favorite designs for a paracord bracelet. The other benefit is that the bracelet is easy to make, making it very appropriate for beginners. You can make it out of any cord or rope you have available, on the following tutorial I use paracord 550. If you are interested in more paracord bracelets, see my book on them!

You can find an extended tutorial on the Paracord central's page on How to make a square knot bracelet.
For the project you will need:

- Two cords- I suggest using paracord 550 (it is durable, looks amazing and useful)
- A lighter to burn the ends with
- A pair of scissors
- A plastic buckle (you could use a loop and a stopper knot if you do not have any buckles lying around)

The process for making a square knot bracelet is as follows:
Fold one of the cords in half and attach it to the buckle (as shown in the picture). Do the same with the other piece of cord.
Take the two cords of one color and pass them over the other two cords. Go under and back, up through the middle. Then switch color and repeat the process.
Continue alternating the colors and knots until you have the length of the bracelet you need. Finish the bracelet using any of the knots you find appropriate.

A few tips to make your bracelet better (and you safer):

- Make equal, consistent knots by tightening them using the same amount of strength
- Be careful not to burn yourself or your home when melting the paracord ends
- Do not run with scissors
- You can use metal shackles, buckles, knots to finish the bracelet
- Use paracord 550, it is very useful for jewelry making and knotting in general

All in all, I think you have what you need to make a beautiful square knot bracelet. If you need any further instructions, feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will try to supply you with any information I can. Now get to it!

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    6 years ago

    Great project I jusr made my first one thanks