Squareflakes Craft #Hercules2016



This simple project requires minimal materials and is for all ages. Use the scissors safely because I don't want to get sued. Either way, it's a great thing to do when you are bored or in need of a gift last minute. Add glitter! Sparkles! Food! Whatever you can find will work in this situation. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Step 1: Get Materials

For this simple project you will need:

1. Paper (any color that you want! be creative!)

2. Scissors

See, very simple! You just need to easy materials to complete this crafty project.

Step 2: Step 2: Begin Working With the Paper

Start by folding the paper in half. Make sure to fold it sideways not longways or you won't get the same snazzy effect. Getting the snazzy effect is very key in making sqaureflakes.

Step 3: Step 3: Keep Using the Paper

Take the paper you just folded, and fold it again. This will make more layers and make you have more depth into cutting the paper and making cool shapes.


Fold it for the very last time and make sure you're keeping the edges aligned or else it will look messy. And no one wants messy square flakes. Craft is so exciting!

Step 5: Step 5: Start Cutting

PROTIP. Make sure you cut neatly whilst making you're designs on the square. You can cut it into many ways. Such as: tiny squares, large squares, triangles, waves, hearts, and anything else your creativity will provide you with.

Step 6: Step 6: LAST STEP

Very carefully, unfold the square and then, voila! You have your very own, DIY SQAUREFLAKES. You can show your friends, use it as a party trick, and use them for many things. It's versatile! It's safe and easy! The perfect diy and possible gift for your loved ones. Happy crafting!

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