Squeeze Bottle Hack

Introduction: Squeeze Bottle Hack

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You squeeze and nothing else comes out. You sigh, thinking that it is time to buy a new one, but it is actually not. Just because nothing comes out when you squeeze, it doesn't mean that it there is nothing else in it. In this Instructable, I will show you how to get the most out of your squeeze bottle. Be sure to download and watch the videos.

Step 1: Materials

Scissors - Make sure they are sharp

An "Empty" bottle

Something to clean the scissors

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Cut the bottle in half so you're finger can reach in and wipe up the lotion/thing in the bottle. To store, just slide the end with cap onto the other end and it will fit nicely. To use again, just slide the two halves apart and swipe your finger along the edges. If the two haves pop apart, you can secure them with a rubber band.


Don't waste a single bit!

I hope this Instructable will help you become less wasteful!

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    Toothpaste is another culprit. A pet peeve is laundry detergent. Use it all and rinse that sucker out!