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I loved the look of these sequential flashers on the early fords. My friend Marty had a Cougar with them and I really wanted them for my car. I took a look in the trunk to see what I needed to get. Since they were mechanical it made them easy to find. I then went off to the junk yard to get one of these setups for my car.

Step 1: Factory Cougar Flasher Modules

These are the factory motorized sequential flashers from a couple of early 70's Cougars. I remember getting these from a junk yard so I could add sequential lights to my Opel Manta. It worked pretty well. I got the second module to use as a spare but never needed it. To this day it still works fine.

Both of them had 4 cams. One only had 3 switches installed and the other had all 4 switches installed. I used the model with 4 switches so I could use the last switch to power the motor to make sure it always completes a cycle and starts over fresh next time you signal.

Step 2: A Good Candidate

My Opel wasn't the best candidate since it only had one signal and one brake light on each side. That meant another trip to the junk yard to get 4 more taillights. A little time with a sawsall and I had the needed 6 lights.

I got the Cougar relay module from the junk yard too but it was in pretty bad shape. I ended up using a couple of telephone style 4PDT relays.

My Monte Carlo was a much better choice but it had 4 lenses on each side. too hard to add a cam so one didn't get used.

A similar problem with my Fiero except by the time I got that car I had already made the first electronic version of the Cougar blinker. It was easy to add code and another Mosfet to handle the extra lamp.

My current conversion is on my 71 Mustang. It came from the factory with those triple lens lights that have the reverse light in the middle. It seemed like too much work to make new lenses that are all red so I took some sheet metal and made a new tail panel. I then added real Cougar taillights.

My next victim is my wife's Corsica......

Step 3: Building the Controller.

The first thing to do is replace the flasher with a heavy duty electronic type. I got that at the junk yard too...

Next you wire the inboard lights using the factory harness. The controller connects to this lamp and draws its power from that to light the next two or three lamps using a simple programmed delay. I like to coat the boards in liquid electrical tape .You need to make one module for each side.

These also work well on the front signal lights even if yours only have two bulbs. Just populate the board with only one lamp driver. I made individual boards with 1, 2 and 3 mosfets. I even made an 8 mosfet board to do a very annoying cylon effect on a traffic advisor stick.



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    2 years ago

    Hi! Looks great! My question is regarding the mounting on the 71 72 73.Did you cut holes on the rear for the taillights panel? How did you handle the original tailigth holes?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    The rear had been hit so it needed some tail panel repair. I was going to buy a repro panel but then decided to do the custom lights so I just grabbed and old metal utility shelf and cut out a replacement panel from it. I welded that in to the tail which gave me a blank canvas (no holes). I got the lights on ebay and made a quick template from 1/8 plywood. the lights have a flat back with a rubber seal so it was easy to mount them up. A real cougar would have had them recessed but I liked to look of having them out like the bumper....


    4 years ago

    i love the car between the fiero and cougar pics. the one with the monster tires thats all jacked up in the back.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Any video or animated gif of the lights in action? I guess the lights are street legal where you operate the car?

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    FWIW, the 8 light traffic advisor clone has seen a lot of use while towing cars on the NYS thruway and no problems there. I even towed a bus and a boat (separate trips)over a hundred miles up from Jersey without incident. however that's selective enforcement. I wasn't doing anything showy or reckless and my truck looks like its still a part of the DPW fleet. They even wave to me when I pass them on the road.

    Try doing burnouts or something reckless to get attention and will get their full attention. Like if I had been towing a bus that was towing the boat I'd still be locked up.......


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Since they are standard equipment on some 65-73 fords (that varies by model) like thunderbird, cougar, and mustang I just say its standard equipment for my 71

    According to Wikipedia (not the best source);

    Sequential turn signals are legal in all states of the USA and
    Canadian provinces. Sequential brake lights (where the same circuit is
    used for when the brake lights come on, which has never been done on a
    production car) are illegal in several states.

    that last part is open interpretation because if you hold the brake one they do not continue to sequence. the first one I did on the opel had separate brake light bulbs so it wasn't an issue. when I made the relay type controller I wired it so brake lights would not even sequence once. I later changed that in the digital versions to sequence one time to suit my tastes

    I never got stopped but I did have a few police cars follow me for a mile or two and that gave them a real good look at the lights in action.

    I'll see if I can get a video up by the weekend.