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This is a 3D printed, rubber band powered squirrel repeller--using a nerf projectile for its repellent properties.

Step 1:

Using the "dartwithsquirrel" file, print the "Repeller."

I used http://www.3dhubs.com to find a local person to print the file. The results were excellent and the file was printed within a couple of days--I just arranged to meet the producer and pick up the printed object (I could have had the product mailed). I'm in Gainesville, FL and I used hub Jason.

Step 2:

For maximum impact, my wife painted the squirrel. This, of course, helps to strike terror into the enemy.

Step 3:

Place a rubber band on the repeller, then insert a nerf projectile. Pull the rubber band to the rear of the repeller (keeping the band in the slots), then release when the target is in sight.

Most animals are pretty smart and they don't like to be approached by flying projectiles (unless you are an ace shot, you'll only wind up in the vicinity of the target). The squirrels that used to stay just beyond my arms reach now run away when they see me coming.



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    4 years ago

    I love living in the country. I just use a .22.

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