Squishy Circuits




Here we are making home made play dough to light up LED's and make designs to make the play dough look cool as it lights up


Step 1: Making Playdough

There are two types you need to make. Conductive and Insulative (each linked to the recipe)

The Conductive is used to make the circuits

The Insulative is used to make the object around the dough circuits

Step 2: Making the Circuits

In this case we are using parallel circuits

In this example you see two lights lighting up. Because there are two paths that the electrons take

Step 3: LED's

What is a LED?
An LED is a Light Emitting Diode that will only light up one war when it is hooked up properly. An LED has two leads coming off of it, one will be longer than the other, the longer one is the positive lead and the shorter one is the negative lead. In our case if you hook it up backwards it will shine red but it is hooked up the correct way it will vary in color as you crank faster.

Step 4: Put the Dough Together

Now take the steps you've learned and make some cool designs.

Some examples we've made are a Sword and Shield and Mario Mushroom



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