Squishy Cirtcuts Watermelon

Introduction: Squishy Cirtcuts Watermelon

First make your play dough.

If needed find a recipe online and make sure it is CONDUCTIVE dough.


You're also going to need to make NON-conductive doh.


We dyed our conductive doh red and our non-conductive green.

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Step 1: Make Your Model!

Out of the play dough make your model!

For example I made a watermelon slice.

(when making your model make sure that your doh is not touching and that there is a small space in between them.)

Step 2: Steps to Light Up.

Next get 1 LED.

You'll want to put the positive side of the LED (the longer side) on the red dough (or the conductive doh).

Be sure that the negative side of the led is in the NON-conductive dough.

Step 3: Next Step to Set Up the LED

(you will need a source of power, batteries will be fine)

Put the Positive side in the non-conductive dough and the negative in the conductive.


Add the electricity and make it glow!

(be sure that the cables are correct and that they aren't far from each other they should be relatively close to each other)

Step 5: Try Making Different Models and Experiment With the Power Source and Dough!

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