Squishy Stress Ball



Introduction: Squishy Stress Ball

Squishy stress ball

this project is a DIY anyone can make it. The materials you will be needing are-



funnel / optional

Step 1: Adding Flour in the Balloon

To add flour to the balloon. Put your funnel inside the balloon as shown in the picture. Add the flour till the balloon is full with flour.

Step 2: Adding Layers to Our Ball

Take a balloon and cut the top of it, now stretch the balloon and put the ball inside the stretched balloon. Do this 2 to 3 times.

Step 3: Finished

Congratulation your squishy stress ball is now finished !!!!!!



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    2 Discussions

    how do you think this would work to build strength in fingers/hand damaged by a fall.? i need somr resistance, but hardly any.