Sri Lankan Whip

Introduction: Sri Lankan Whip

This is a very simple way of making a whip.It costed me only 60lkr or 50 cents(in dollars). The steps are from bottom to top as this my first instructable ididnt know really really sorry for this

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Step 1: Step2

knotting is very easy you must take one by one do in a the three ropes a b c.then do like a to the positon of b,so b goes to the position of a,and c to the positon of a or the middle.continue like this to the end.but remember to keep about 5 inches.

Step 2: Step3

at the end tie three nylons and start knotting like above.then tie a knot at the end.remember to keep some space of about 2 inches before tieing the end.if you like add a wool piece to the end.and if you want, cover the ropes with tape for cuteness.I made it with 6 ropes but 1of my friends made it with 30 ropes.

Step 3: Step1

we need some:


Plastic nylon


Tape(if you want)


You must start by getting about 3 ropes but if you want more sound then add more ropes.then you must make a knot and start to knot.

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    2 years ago

    That looks neat :)