St. Patrick's Day Party Favors

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Intro: St. Patrick's Day Party Favors

Make these super easy St. Patrick's Day green hat party favors. You can print these right from the Luck 'O The Irish Ensemble kit.

Step 1: Print the Hat Template

  • Load the ensemble kit into a photo editing software or My Digital Studio.
  • Choose and print the hat template from the Luck "O The Irish Ensemble Digital Download.

Step 2: Cut Out Parts

Cut out hat parts.

Step 3: Cut Dotted Lines

  • Cut the dotted lines in the center of the top brim.
  • Cut the dotted lines at the top of the rectangle hat piece.

Step 4: Color the Edges

If any of the white edges get left on the circle pieces, sponge the exposed white edges with green ink to disguise the white edges.

Step 5: Add Adhesive

  • Place adhesive on the back of the rectangle along the bottom edge and the left side.
  • Roll the rectangle and glue along the side.
  • Place adhesive on the underside of the top of the hat piece.

Step 6:

  • Fold down the cut pieces at the top of the hat.
  • Remove the tape protector from the hat top. Press the top piece on the hat.
  • Remove the tape cover from the bottom edge of the hat piece.
  • Push the pointed part of the top brim piece into the bottom of the hat and affix to the glue inside the bottom of the hat.

Step 7: Fill the Hat

  • Fill the hat with a treat.
  • Place adhesive on the bottom of the top brim piece.
  • Glue the remaining circle piece to the bottom of the hat to keep the treat in the hat.
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