Stabilized Can Insulator - Dremel Tool Challenge

Introduction: Stabilized Can Insulator - Dremel Tool Challenge

My friend's teenage son and I came to the Dremel Tool Challenge at TechShop in Chandler. We were given plenty of options for materials to choose from and create a fun project utilizing the Dremel Tool. As teenagers are fascinated with computers and sodas we decided to create something that made having a soda cool, safe and close by when working at a computer.

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Step 1: Getting Started

We started with sheet foam and cut a square for measurement. Our first piece seemed the right size when we placed a can on top. So we proceeded forward.

Step 2: Being Creative With Items From the Scrap Bin

We found this plastic square that had a round cup piece on it that happened to be the right size for a typical can of soda. After using a utility knife to cut off the cup part, we used the Dremel tool to sand down the edges. The square with the hole was used to center the hole onto the foam. Once we marked the foam, the cup portion was used to cut out the hole of the foam by pushing it down and rotating. We weren't as skilled as the team next to us that seemed to steal our idea, as they used the hole cutter attachment for the Dremel Tool.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Once we had four layers of foam cut to the right size and the hole removed we had to be creative for how this project was going to stay together. We found colored pencils and did a trial with the holes cut from the foam, this worked so we proceeded forward. Once we anchored all four corners, the excess was nicely trimmed with the Dremel Tool cutter attachment. This project is ready for use! It's tall enough to keep the whole can of soda cool, and it's shape makes tipping it over onto the desk surface far less likely.

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