Stabilo "s Move" Refill Fix




Introduction: Stabilo "s Move" Refill Fix

the ergonomic s move is a great pen, it fit sthe hand lovely.
It's a shame that the actual roller ball pen is so bad.

So this is how to fit a Bic Fine line (a personal favourite) instead.

Step 1: It's a Nice Pen But

this is the ergonomic stabilo "s move" it comes in a specific left hand and right hand configuration.

It's very comfortable....but

Step 2: The Rotten Refill

good gravy who picked that as the refill?

It's a really primitve rollerball.

And to make matters worse, this one is blue!

Step 3: Make a New Refill From a Bic Fineline

It is nothing to look at but the Bic fine line does a really good variety of strokes.

I'am a professional artist and despite the number of pens I use, one of these blighters is never out of my hand.

But it's way too long to fit here.

Junior Hacksaw please.

Step 4: Sawn Off

pop the lid, take out the refill and the black plastic bung at the other end.

Now measure back from the front 31.5mm and saw the blighter off.

Step 5: How Much Ink Can You Fit on the Head of a Pin?

now all ballpoints have the little gap between the level of the ink and the end of the tube.

So scoop out some with a pinhead.

I do not know why but when I didn't do this there was ink all over the place.

could be surface tension,air pressure or room for heat expansion I can not say.

Step 6: Bung It Back In

This black plastic bung needs a bit of filing to fit as the shortened barrel is a little narrower.

it's pretty much trial and error.

And if you split the barrel then just super glue the thing together.

Step 7: Pop It All Together

put the shortened barrel and refill together

Step 8: Nearly Done

then pop the mini Bic back into the stabilo and put it back together

Step 9: And There You Go

there you have a stabilo s move with a custom cut refill tube into which you need only snip down any bic ball in to fit.

I know it isn't very complex but I am only really posting this as I was doing this on the day I found instructables.

It seemed appropriate.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, and welcome to the Instructables community!

    This currently does not meet our criteria for an Instructable. A completed Instructable:

    - details a finished project with instruction (not just links to instructions)
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    Look here: for tips on writing a great Instructable.

    So, it has been unpublished. Please do not republish until it has been corrected. When you republish, if everything is fixed, I'll remove this note. Multiple attempts to republish without correction will result in deletion.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, I am slightly mystified by this. so point by point. it is a wee project I have just done all the pics I took is properly spelled and the grammar, to my thinking, is fine. it requires no safety announcements violates no copy right does not violate the terms of service and as I have been very passionate about pens, I am a preffessional artist, I think it is safe to say that it breaks no rule there. If you can tell me where I have erred from your list I will be amazed. YoursSincerely error404


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Hi error404,
    You're right, my standard boilerplate doesn't quite cover this. Your instructions are embedded in the pictures, which makes it quite hard for someone to read and understand the instructions- instead you should make better use of the step-by-step format and pair pictures with text (and photonotes) for each step. You'll probably only need a couple of steps, but frontloading them all into the intro is problematic.
    Just spread your instructions out, add or duplicate the information in accompanying text, and it'll be fine.
    You're welcome to drop me a note *before* republishing if you'd like these comments deleted before it goes up.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Ah righto, cheers Canida, I shal;l look into reeciting the blighter. Didn't mean to cause any problems. Cheers Pol