Stack and Wrap Bottle Packs

Introduction: Stack and Wrap Bottle Packs

Get creative and eliminate the need for tissue paper or excess packing materials by taking the term 'gift wrap' literally and using fabric-based presents to conceal a stack of stocking stuffers and other gifts. Ribbon holds it all together and the need for a bag is entirely optional depending on how you wrap and tie your stacked packs.

You'll Need:

Gift Bottles (wine, other liquor, flavoured syrups, infused oils, etc)
Clothing to give as gifts; t-shirts, skirts and scarves work well
Optional: Wine bottle bags

Step 1: Stacking

Start with a large, heavy, cylindrical gift - a wine or liquor bottle works great but there are many non-alcoholic gifts that fit the bill as well.

Lay your fabric (a shirt, skirt or scarf) out on a flat surface and fold until it is just large enough to wrap your chosen items with. Next place the base item down first and either stack flat-bottomed items directly above it or layer smaller knick knacks around the top (optional: tie small gifts onto your bottle with a piece of ribbon.)

Step 2: Wrapping

Fold the sides of your piece of clothing around the bottle and enclosed items then pull tight and tie with 3 to 6 strips of ribbon (if you need to, use a pin or two to secure while tying and remove after.) Make bows or curl the ribbon.

If you are transporting the gift a long way you may choose to slide the stack into a wine-bottle bag but this is not necessary. You can fold the fabric under the bottom to keep the entire package sealed and/or display on the mantle or in any other safe place where it won't get knocked over.

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