Stacked Levitation With Sparks and Bubbles

Introduction: Stacked Levitation With Sparks and Bubbles

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It's completely useless yet awesome experiment. Combined diamagnetic suspension levitation with diamagnetic opposition levitation with lots of soap bubbles and sparks + spinning caused by a homopolar motor.

Step 1: Once You Get Things to Levitate Add Bubbles and Sparks

You need:

1. Diamagnetic suspension rig (height adjustable magnet that is leveled in horizontal plane)

2. Cylindrical diamagnetic opposition levitation device that can levitate a piece of pyrolytic graphite.

3. Soap bubbles

4. battery and wires for a homopolar motor. My power source was a rechargable 3000mAh 3,7V battery.



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    6 Discussions

    Can you explain how you get this levitating?

    I like the moment in the video when the batteries go up like a rocket.

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    Thank you! The big ferrite ring magnets in the picture are adjusted to a specific
    height above the levitating neodymium magnet. The battery is in between
    the wires not shown in the video. There is a tile of pyrolytic graphite
    under neodymium. Pyrolytic graphite It is strongly diamagnetic which
    it repells magnets. Top magnet is countering gravity's pull on the
    neodymium. When the ring ferrite magnets area adjusted to
    a right
    distance from neodymium - down force pull on the neodymium is minimal
    and the repelling force of pyrolytic graphite can show
    up in a form of levitation.

    My physics base knowledge does not note such knowledge. Where did you learn that?

    Cool! And I thought, watching YT is just a waste of time xD

    Depends of what you watch. There are lots of jewels amongts the dookies :)