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Bobby Rust
Minneapolis, MN

I got a knack for video. It comes easy to me. Not so much with music. To enjoy more from both, I started filming local bands. That created a need to learn more about music. I picked up a gig as the sound guy for an open mic night. There are a lot of dead nights. Then you get nights with 12 acts wanting their shot on stage. Put all the genres of music on a dart board and throw a dart, I've heard it. Clarinets & didgeridoos = sweet dreams!

I don't call myself a professional, I can't bear to charge that much. Most bands are barely scraping by. Drinks or gas is payment enough. One band jammed for an extra set. The DVD I gave them allowed them to come up with three new songs. One guy ran into me on the streets, wishing I had been at his show the other night. He tried something different, and the crowd went nuts. He couldn't remember what he played.

iPads can shoot good video. Provide the right lighting and microphone, it can contend with pro gear. Plus, it has the capability to edit, upload, and share with a flick of the finger. MacBooks and videos, a staple. I wonder what the statistic of all the videos made in the world are done on a Mac. $25,000 has so many meaning to all sorts of people. Having a plan of action and a goal, will help me make the most of it. I need cameras. Telling someone about the show is nowhere near as seeing the video of it. I would start out small, to work out the kinks. Then expand, working as hard as the band performs. Networking is the key. It's not who you know, It's who knows you. Thank you for this contest.



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