Stained Fabric to Perfection

Introduction: Stained Fabric to Perfection

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I (Vicki) volunteer at a Thrift Store and have a first look at many of the donations that are brought to the store. One was this large, bed cover in great condition, but was covered in ball point ink stains.

What to do? It wouldn’t sell in its current condition. I volunteered to take it home to see what I could do with it.

Step 1: Pour 91% Rubbing Alcohol on Spot and Blot

  • On the largest of the ink stains I poured 91% rubbing alcohol on the spot & blotted until the stain was dispersed but not gone. I used paper towels under the spot to absorb the ink & blotted with another paper towel changing when they were covered with stain.
  • On the smaller stains, I put rubbing alcohol into a small spray bottle & sprayed each stain.

Step 2: Gently Work Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Into Stain

  • All stains received a small amount of Dawn Dishing Washing liquid which I gently rubbed into the spot.

Step 3: Wash

  • The entire thing went into the wash with another small squeeze of Dawn with white vinegar poured into the “bleach” & “softener” compartments. The vinegar is not necessary, but I use it in every cycle to help keep my front loader free from odors.
  • After washing & examining the coverlet, I found all the spots that were treated came out!

Note: If you try this stain removal method, be sure to test it first to be sure the alcohol will not remove the color of the item. Be gentle, do not rub the spot harshly.

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for the info. I have some items that need this. Very timely hack.