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About: Short and sweet literally!! I have an unhealthy obsession with gardening, fishing, and snowmobiling, lol. :) I love my job; I am a crane operator, I love beading and stained glass, camping, travelling, a...

This is my very first stained glass project!! It's just a simple Chickadee made using the "Copper Foil Technique" also known as the "Tiffany Glass Technique". :)

Please disregard the dirty grassy window, my landlord hasn't gotten around to cleaning up after the snow melted. :) It's nice to be able to see through it again, dirty or not! :P

I would like a new camera to take more professional pictures of my work (in a photo light tent of course), so that I can advertise and save money to buy better equipment for my stained glass art.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just wanted to say that I have been working with stained glass for a few months now and that bird is AMAZING. Very nice job.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your lovely comment! I was happy that I turned out to be pretty good at it! Thats not something I am used to saying. :P

    I am currently working on a 53 piece project of a chicken. this is my second project and is proving to be quite a task with all the small pieces!!

    Good luck with your new hobby, I hope that you are having better luck obtaining supplies than myself. I have resorted to going around to yard sales and purchasing glass items to disassemble and make into my own creations! Recycling at its best!! :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I do have a robin pattern. :) My name is Robin, so I thought it was funny as I got older that I had a fondness for bird art, especially robins!! I sell these pieces when I have time to make them.