Stained Glass Framed With InstaMorph




Introduction: Stained Glass Framed With InstaMorph

Create your own stained glass objects without using lead came, foil, or solder.

Step 1: Get Some Stained Glass to Work With

Either cut your own glass or buy some at a hobby shop. I grinded the edges of the glass after cutting to reduce the chance of cutting myself while working with it.

Step 2: Collect Some InstaMorph

Get some InstaMorph and whatever tools and colors you'd like to work with. Colors can be: paint, permanent markers, sparkle, or anything that makes you happy. Useful tools are pliers, a scribe, and flat tools to shape with.

Step 3: Heat Your Instamorph

Heat water either on a hot plate or in a slow cooker. Place your InstaMorph in the hot water for a few minutes until it becomes pliable.

Step 4: Color Your InstaMorph

When your InstaMorph is soft, flatten it on a table and add some color by either adding a few dots of paint, or coloring one side with a permanent marker. Then roll the InstaMorph into a ball and place in the hot water bath.

Take the InstaMorph out after a few minutes and knead the color in so that it is as swirly or uniform as you'd like.

You may need to repeat this step a few times until you get the results you want.

Step 5: Shape and Cut Your InstaMorph

After your IntaMorph is colored, flatten it against a stable until it is a uniform thickness.

Use scissors to cut the InstaMorph into strips that you can shape against a piece of glass.

Step 6: Shape the InstaMorph

Hold an InstaMorph strip against a piece of glass, shaping it to the glass so that it feels secure.

Continue to shape the InstaMorph around the glass, and leave enough so that you can shape a little loop at the top of the piece of glass.

Step 7: Flatten InstaMorph Around the Edge of the Glass

To finish, flatten the InstaMorph around the edge of the glass so that it will stay secure when it hangs in a window or from the ceiling.

Let cool so that the InstaMorph hardens. If you are unhappy with the way your design turned out, place the InstaMorph back in the hot water bath so that it softens again and you can rework it.

Step 8: Finished Product

Your finished product can hang anywhere that doesn't get too hot. Meaning, don't hang it in your car. Your kitchen window should be fine. Christmas trees and refrigerators are also likely hanging spots.

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