Staining Laminate - Brushed Metal Effect

Introduction: Staining Laminate - Brushed Metal Effect

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This is a simple picture of a project I did recently for a gift, and wanted to show that wood stain is not just for wood!

The carving was crated on a 1/4" mdf with a white laminate surface on it. The carved out section was painted black to match the vector file, but i then wonderd, "Is there any way to make this cooler?" AND THERE AS! With some sand paper, Ebony Wood Stain, Clear Polyurethane, and elbor grease, you can make this beautiful effect.

The stain, whenapplied correctly, gives the white laminate a nice silvery brushed metal appearnce to it. First you use some sand paper to scuff up the surface of the laminate so stain wil stick to it better. Next you apply stain generously on the surface, and distribute/wipe off the stain in a single direction (If you do not do this process well, you will get blotchy results that look bad). AFter this is done, LEAVE IT IN PLACE FOR 24 HOURS TO DRY! At this point, it is still very prone to finger marks, so i highly recommen not touching it. Once it is dry, take it in for a couple of clear coats. Try to becareful still, strong pressure will leave marks on the surface. The polyurethane will protect the stain from any messups in the future, and also adds to teh metallic effect by adding shine and reflectivity. One the couple or so coats are dry, epoxy/screw in a hanger/ anchor to the back for hanging!

Master Chief is now ready for battle!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Pls... could you elaborate more?

    some of us (that does not live on usa) could not catch the meaning of your procedure...