Stainless Steel Headband




Stainless Steel metal headband made at TechShop Chandler,

Step 1: Making a Template

I used a flexible fabric measuring tape to measure the length around my head for the headband. It ended up being around 15 inches, I then used Adobe Illustrator to to make a template I printed out and marked onto my metal.

Step 2: Shaping

I then used the beverly shear to cut off and round the edges of the headband. On my 2nd one I made the entire band much thinner and just cut the corners off at 45 degrees and rounded the edge on the grinder. You can also use a bandsaw if you feel more comfortable with that. I thought it was overkill.

Step 3: Grinding the Edges

Take your sharp edges to the grinder, round off the ends so they don't stab you. After thats all clean take the whole piece to the deburring wheel and go over all of the edges this will make them much nicer to handle.

Step 4: Slip Rolling

Next take your headband flat piece and stick it in the slip roller. You will need to bend it a little by hand it get it in but once it's in let the machine do the work. Roll it through once, tighten the knobs, roll it through again until it's as tight as you want it. You can always bend it by hand later.

Step 5: Bending the Ends

Lastly find a socket or any small tube object and place that up against the edge of the band. Grab a wrench and slowly bend the ends outward so the headband doesn't dig into your head. It doesn't take a lot.

Step 6: Finished!

This is the 2nd one I did, the thinner version. This costs me around 10 cents in metal to make.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very neat and good job! Is it comfortable? It must feel cold at first, when you put it.


    Stainless steel is nice material to work in, I think you did a great job. It is a nice touch to use the tool to bend the ends out. thanks for the ideas.