Stainless Steel Shroud for HID Headlight

Introduction: Stainless Steel Shroud for HID Headlight

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I had recently needed to make some kind of metal shroud for some HID projectors I had picked up at the junk yard, Something that gradually got bigger in size. So I went over to the local dollarama and bought 2 stainless steel travel mugs. Took them apart and cut the piece I needed. ( top half of the mug). The stainless steel ring that was used in this project was from a solar light. The piece was to big so I cut and wrapped around the mug top until tight. Clamp with small vice grips. JB weld was used to mend the ring and the ring to the mug top. Painted them and fit them into my installation. 

Pictures for this Instructable were taken with a 3 year old cell phone. 

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