Stainless Steel Work Table Coffee Table




Cut up a work table and it's makes a great coffee table. It'll last just about forever and I like the industrial look of it.

Step 1: Find a Work Table

Find a 24"x48" stainless steel work table. Restaurant supply stores often have them. You might also be able to find them at restaurant fixture sales.

Step 2: Cut the Legs

Take the legs, mark them to length (I marked mine at 19" from the bottom) and cut the tops off. The bottoms usually already have feet attached to them, so cutting the tops off is the way to go. I used a horizontal bandsaw to cut the legs. Even though they're just basically pipes, they're pretty thick; take your time going through them.

Step 3: Reassemble the Table

Reassemble the table. Use a level to get everything level and then tighten the set screws on the legs. You're done!



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    3 years ago

    I know ikea have some Nice solutions....

    That’s a great idea! You did a great job on your stainless steel work table there. That is very creative of you. I am actually looking for a new coffee table for my living room now. I think I might consider your idea. We have a stainless steel table that is just sitting in our garage for a year now. We don’t have any space for it at our home. I never thought of this. I am very happy that I came across your site. I will check on my stainless steel table later to see if I can still use it. Thank you for sharing this!


    12 years ago

    YOU ROCK! I have been looking everywhere for an industrial stainless steel coffee table. All I could find was "artistic" $2500 tables. I took your advice, ordered a table for $100 to my door, cut the legs and now I have EXACTLY what I had been seaching for!

    1 reply

    When I first read the instructable I was wondering what the point was. So you made a coffee table by buying a full sized table and chopping the legs? What's special about that. Then i saw your comment and did some research and I now understand. Why is a full sized steel table $100 where as a steel coffee table which has presumably less material costs at least 3 times as much. Asinine.


    12 years ago

    that's a nice table, but it looks hideous with the rest of the room


    12 years ago

    Glad you like it, ellynsellsFL. sheet metal barbie, you're right. It's pretty simple and didn't take a lot of time to make. Personally, I think those are advantages, but to each his own. I'm not forcing anyone to make one.


    13 years ago

    Nice :-)
    Now add some red or blue Coldcathode tubing under the main table for that sci-fi industrial look.

    I'd say, chuck the legs into a fire(steel, not al legs, right?) and get them a nice hot-rolled black scale. then, re-assemble, to match the Pipedream Bed

    or, get someone to sand/polish the bed posts, to match your stainless table legs...