Stainless Teaspoon Necklace Medieval Style




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I made this necklace to my friend who wanted some "Heavy Metal"- style.

I made it from regular teaspoon.

Shaped it with rotary tool, rough shaping i did my dremel mounted to my diy holder, any other holders work too.( or hold it between your knees)

I just like to keep my both hands in the workpiece.

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Step 1: Take Regular Stainless Teaspoon...

Its good to anneal your teaspoon before you start shaping.
Heat it until its starts to look yellowish, and then let it cool down slowly. Its little softer to shape, and your bits lasts longer. (this is optional step tought)

You can use gas torch, lighter, hot air blower... Target is to get temperature around 400 degrees of celsius.

Step 2: Paint It With White Acryl Paint..

Paint spoon with white spray paint. I have found acryl paint ot be good.

After paint is dried. You can easily draw your design in the surface.

You can use pencil or thin markers.

Step 3: Shape the Spoon.

I used dremel tungsten carbide cutters for shaping.

Model 9901 for shaping and model 9910 for engraving.
Finally coloured it by heating it to red, wich darkens it when it cools down.

Then carefully sanded the surface little brighter, so that engravings stayed darker.

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    11 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I make multitools out of stainless butter knives. ( I made an instructable) Your designs on the spoons has inspired me. I make make a few tools and or spoon designs tonight!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I would love to see this on a person. It seems like such a cool idea!

    1 reply
    The other Finnish guyPrinty

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. Yep, It looks more elegant in real life, if i can say.

    Size is something similar with my thump. It looks much bigger in the pictures.