Stainless Steel Headphone Stand





Introduction: Stainless Steel Headphone Stand


This is my collaboration of two items from IKEA that I formed into a stainless steel headphone stand.  Holds about 3 headphones and has space to put earphones and the wires. 

Material list:
Phillips screw driver

TRENSUM -Mirror, stainless steel

ORDNING - Kitchen utensil rack, stainless steel




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    3 Discussions

    this is great idea, i have an inspiration to make this but put a speaker in it so i can use it as a computer speaker then switch to headphones if needed.

    2 replies

    Oh good idea. It would fit perfectly with panel mounts on it. I would suggest that instead of taking apart a mirror you use like a lamp that already has the wiring snaked through the base so wiring up a AMP and some speakers inside wouldn't be so difficult. Also can I suggest maybe some mood lighting inside so it shines through the holes. Can't wait to see it. OR add some batteries, a Bluetooth receiver and you have a portable speaker unit....

    the possibilities are endless, but seeing as i am leaving for basic training for the air force iin the next week, it will have to wait a bit. thank you for the tips and other ideas