Stair Case Refurbishing

Introduction: Stair Case Refurbishing

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Refurbish you old , broken outdoor steps into new, beautiful outdoor steps.
For my parents anniversary I decided to redo there back door steps as an anniversary gift.
I known its not a great gift but this is all I know, so I thought why not give it a whirl.

Note:At the end comment if you saw my new assistant. She is in training to be a seeing eye dig and so i thought exposing her to the loud sounds would be good for her training.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools Needed:
Demolition Bar
Rubber mallet
Power Drill and Sander
Mieter Saw

Wood (I used 2x10s)
3 inch outdoor screws(1 pound)

Step 2: Tear Down

First off your need to tear out all your old boards. I decided to keep the old frames because they were still in good condition. Make sure you get all the old screws and nails out.

Step 3: Cut

Your cut list is determined by your old stairs unless you decide to change to sizes. After I finished the steps and fronts I took a router and did the edges. This really gives it a smoother and more professional look.

Step 4: Prepare

Since this is an outdoor wood projects your need to stain or paint it. I wanted a more natural look so I went with stain. Make sure you sand it thoughly and go with the grain not against it.

Step 5: To Stain or Not to Stain? That Is the Question

I went with an outdoor sealing stain called "Old American Wood". But once again its up to you if you stain or paint it.

Step 6: DONE!!!!

All Done!!!!!!!

I was really happy with how nice it turned out. The pictures I'm afraid aren't very good, but you get the picture!
I decided to use the old wood to burn in my outdoor woodburner, and to scrap and get some money of them.

Comment if you saw the my new assistant!

Questions, Comments, Ideas,Advise, let me know!

Till next time, God Bless and good day.

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