Stalactite Paper Lamp




Introduction: Stalactite Paper Lamp

Turn a simple Lantern lamp into a fantastic paper craft lamp with a couple of simple steps. Though not a lamp to brighten your room extremely it looks fantastic and gives off a soft light.

Step 1: Preparation

I used a simple yellow lantern lamp from Ikea to base my lamp on. Then I used A3 paper and indicated every 4cm (about 1-2") which I then cut using a handy dandy cutting machine. The strips then 4cm wide and 11cm long I cut into triangles by cutting across them diagonally. This was a little tricky sometimes but unevenness doesn't really matter since there will be lots of layers to cover up any small mistakes.

Step 2: The First Few Rounds

I then used crafts glue to stick the first circle of paper inside the bottom of the lamp. With one layer attached on the inside I turned the lamp back right side up and stuck on the next layers of paper on its outside. The bottom most papers may need to be folded so that they hand down rather than inwards. Also, you really only need to add glue to a tiny part of the paper at the top since the rest will hand loose.
The lamp I had had wires on the inside for its support which I used as a guide. They spiraled upwards all the way to the top so I could just keep going. until I reached the top.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Though it takes some patience finishing the lamp doesn't take all that long as long as you have time. Once you reach the top or end of the lamp make sure you place the papers to cover any gaps where you can clearly see the lantern. It looks nicer that way in my opinion so I stuck paper over some spots I had already finished to cover up some mistakes I had made. Once you are about halfway done with the lap I also found it easier to hang it up to finish to avoid accidentally ripping or folding the papers.

Finally, just hand up a lamp on its inside and mount to your ceiling. Enjoy!

Of course if you use paper with designs on it the lamp will give off another cool pattern, but be sure not to use very thick paper so it can still let light through. Also, using a colourful lantern and white paper will give off different coloured light. Have fun with it+



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    Wow love this!! Great job!


    2 years ago

    I love y our lamp! I am not sure if this would help, but if you sold another one, try asking much more for it. You might have been able to sell it easier if it were for $300 or even more! People are funny that way. You can easily make the paper fireproof by spraying a mixture of water & Aluminum Sulfate. I've used this for tissue sky lanterns, it works great!

    I made this a couple of years ago and tried sell it at my shop. It was beautiful, everybody loved it, just not the sticker price-$60. Since it took a good 8 hours to cut and glue all the paper (white printer) on. That was just asking minimum wage. But I gave it away before I moved cross country. I can't imagine trying to move it that far. I have seen them for sale online and can't imagine how you would ship it since paper bends very easily.

    I had the old lantern in home and thought i could use it to do it. And, i came to know they threw it. But i will try this one for sure. Gives good effect and stands out from the regular lantern. Handmade is added bonus

    I've found that if you use one of these lamps (found in most party outlets or some small drugstores in the $1.00 section) they are battery operated and you can just flip a small switch at the top and it will look fantastic!

    Nice looking but I would recomend using a low a wattage as possible...

    There is a good chance that the original paper shade has been treated with a flame retardant. If you are really concerned with safety you could either use LED lighting with a low voltage power supply that is limited to less than say 30W, or use pretreated paper. If you can't find flame resistant paper you could treat it with a borax (craft store) or waterglass (sodium or potassium silicate solution from concrete supply, craft store or pottery supply) beforehand.

    Thank you everyone for the comments and I'm happy to hear you like the lamp.
    I agree, coloured paper or a coloured lantern will add a cool effect. I used white paper and a yellow lantern and that also gives the room a yellow light. I imagine patterned or colourful paper will look really cool.
    News paper will definitely work too, great idea. But as you said using too much may dim the light a lot, also, with darker papers, as the print on the paper, it may darken the light more too so you would have to be careful not to use overly printed parts of the paper.
    I used quite a lot of paper, I used A3 paper which is just 2 A4 papers together, but of those I used about 20 to 30 sheets I think. So normal letter sized paper would be around 50 papers.
    About the fire hazard, I was worried about that at first also. What I did was use a LED lamp I think 60W. The Ikea lamp I used was already made of paper so I used the bulbs they suggested to make sure I don't put the lamp at unnecessary risk. As long as the original lantern you use to decorate is large enough it doesn't seem to heat up enough to be dangerous. I had mine on for a while to see and it didn't get hot inside much at all. But then again, that is definitely also because the lantern was large so if you use a smaller lantern that is definitely an important point to consider.

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions!

    very nice. inspired i might say. lots of possible variations.

    Lovely idea! One word of note though, as the lantern shade was paper, there was probably a limit to the wattage of the bulb used to avoid heat causing a fire hazard. It is important to heed the 40w or 60w limit, and covering the shade may also cover the rating. Using a 100w bulb or even 60w to give a little more brightness could be a safety risk.

    Wow, I must say that I really love it! So simple yet effective!!

    Thanks for the idea, I have the big REGOLIT floor lamp whose lampshade looks like what you have and I was trying to think of things to do with it.

    thats awesome wow i want to try to make that

    for those who are cheapskates,
    i think newspaper will work as fine,
    But.... its is quite thin so you may end up adding too much paper.
    which would completely dim the light.
    I think the colour of the paper lamp would affect the color given out, but if you have a white lamp, u need coloured paper strips. good idea Aremon!