Stale to Crispy

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How many times do you search for those crackers, they look good but they are stale?

We will tackle that problem with this easy way to make them crispy again.

By the way, the same principal works also for chips, cereal, peanuts, Cheetos, cookies,... There is much food that is good and a little stale that you can make crispy again.

Step 1: Principal

You will evaporate the humidity in the food by exiting the water molecules in the stale crackers.

In other words, you will evaporate the staleness out of the cracker.

Step 2: You Need

Other than stale crackers, you will need:
- microwaveable plate
- paper towel
- microwave.

Step 3: Nuke

Separate the crackers on the paper towel over the plate and Nuke for 40 secondsh.

The "sh" stands for watch your food for turning brown which means you are burning it.

Step 4: Cool

Let it cool.
In other words wait till it does not burn your mouth.

You may find some crackers that turn tan. These taste usually better.

Avoid the brown/dark ones.

Step 5: Eat


Step 6: Disclaimer

This is for food within the expiration date that has become stale.

This Instructables does not perform miracles.



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    3 Discussions


    11 months ago

    This worked great for Nilla Wafers! Thanks for the post.


    4 years ago

    You can do the same with chips, cereal and anything else that is within the expectation date.