Stamp Design Using 3D Printer

Intro: Stamp Design Using 3D Printer

In this project, you will learn how to make your own stamp with your logo, signature or any other design you like.

Step 1: ​For This Project We Will Use

2D designing Program such as :


3D designing program such as:

3D Max for Professionals

123D Design for Beginners

Printing Machine: Ultimaker 2+

Material: PLA filament

Step 2: 2D Design L Illustrator

1. Save your design as SVG from illustrator

Means “Peace” in Arabic

Step 3: 3D Design L 123D Design

2. Open 123D design & insert your SVG file as sketch

3. Extrude your design & make a base (2mm)

You can do it inner design for wax stamps

4. Reflect your stamp from left to right

5. Make a hand for your stamp (you can do it with different ways)

6. Make sure of the dimensions you need & print your awesome design!

Step 4: Final Result



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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    wonder what life would be like with out 3d printers


    1 year ago

    Ya Salam!

    Real nice work


    2 years ago

    nice to see some instructable from our Jubaulfablab

    I plan to visit your lab since long but did not get the chance yet.

    will be sharing some of my work on my 3 years old 3d printer soon