Stamp With Sugru

Introduction: Stamp With Sugru

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During the Sugru afternoon at FabLab Breda, I have made a stamp with the lasercutter and some Sugru.

Step 1: Trying to Make a Nice Stamp, Sized ~25x25 Mm.

First I tried to make a stamp out of 3 mm acryl by cutting out the FabLab Breda logo.

Despite the use of some soap, the Sugru prefered to stay in the mould...

Step 2: Engraving a Mould

Since I didn't have a thinner sheet, I decided to engrave the logo. (Defocussed to have less marks from the engraving).

After applying some soap, I forced the Sugru into the mould. I lasercut a small wooden square which I added on top of the Sugru. The Sugru sticked better to the wood than onto the acryllic mould, so after applying some pressure to attach the wood to the Sugru, the stamp was done!

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    2 years ago

    I have not heard about Sugru before. Now I want to try it.

    Thank you for sharing!