Stamped Charms for Personalized Metal Stamped Jewelry With Tracy Stanley at Beaducation - Step by Step Jewelry Making Video Tutorials



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This class is the perfect way to get started with simple metalworking techniques! In this FREE beginner-level class, instructor Tracy Stanley shares her method of making simple stamped charms. You’ll learn how to cut, file and shape metal sheet, followed by stamping words and designs to make finished charms. This class has a running time of 26 minutes.


Stamping on Metal

German Chain Nose Pliers With Ergonomic Handle

German Flat Nose Pliers With Ergonomic Handle

2.5" x 2.5" Steel Bench Block

5.5" Square Leather Sandbag

Cut 2, Half Round File - High Quality

French Shears

Fretz Large Embossing Hammer - or Chasing Hammer

Plastic Mallet

Screw Down Hole Punch, 1.6mm & 2.3mm holes

1 lb Brass Head Mallet

Design Stamps

Letter Set

Industrial Sharpie Marker

Graphing ruler

Pro Polish Pad (pack of 10)


Copper 24 gauge Sheet Metal, 3" x 3" piece

Variety of blanks

Jump rings


Liver of Sulfur

Lortone Tumbler, 3 Pound Capacity

Stainless Steel Shot for Tumbling, 2 Pound Bag

Shine Brite Burnishing Compound

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